Hacking the Hobbyking HK401B gyroscope module

For the quadrocopter project we are doing, we bought a hobbyking HK401B gyro module. This module includes a one axis analog gyroscope and a full microcontroller circuit, that already processes the gyroscope data. It sends out the "corrections" the motors should make and can be connected directly to the typical RC-setup.

Because we are not interested in processed data, we decided to break open the module, and desolder the gyroscope. Here are some pictures of the proces:

As you can see on the pictures, the HK401B consists of three parts. The gyro part is the one that has initially no wires attached to it (in the pictures above I already added wires though). Once you desolder this part, it is sufficient to add the supply voltage (black and red wires: 5V - check the picture to see which is which) and a third wire for the signal (white). The axis of rotation that the gyro can "sense" is in the same direction of the wires. The following video shows the signal that can be expected:

This datasheet seems like it might be the right one.